Tumor table

Inspired by an r/osr typo. Roll 1d6.

  1. Crystoma. Small crystals erupt from 3d10 square inches of skin. Common in mining races and thought to be spread via exposure to xorn droppings. Crystals are most likely worthless but on a nat 20 the afflicted’s survivors can roll on the gems treasure table.
  2. Osteoma diabolica. Bony tumors of the skull. Found most often in tieflings but difficult to diagnosis as often mistaken for horns. Roll 1d6: 1-3 benign, 4-5 creates headaches or impedes hearing, reducing wisdom by 1, 6 time to buy a psionics supplement.
  3. Draconic Keratosis. Skin develops thick scaly structure. Thought to be caused by cellular damage from magical energies of dragon breath. Fatal in 2d4 months but in the meantime AC improves by 2.
  4. Invasive arcana carcinoma. Afflicts magic users and illusionists. Thought to be caused by imperfectly casting Vancian magic which leaves vestigial bits of the incantation in the body where they can multiply rapidly. Every year there is a charity 3 league race to raise money for a cure and lobby RPG publishers to avert this tragedy by switching to spell points.
  5. Necroma. Bits of flesh turn pale and translucent. 90% survival rate if treated with a dozen weekly applications of turn undead but most guild health plans don’t cover more than two sessions and the much vaunted Keoland single payer plan has a six month waiting list to see a cleric.
  6. Elven chondrosarcoma. The cartilage in the pointy part of an elf’s ears grows at an excessive rate until the elf resembles a bat. Can be easily treated by surgery but many post-surgery elves grow depressed after being mistaken for a human.

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